Scavenger Hunt!

The honors 7th-grade LA class decided to make a scavenger hunt for the students of Lava Ridge to enjoy during the quarantine.

We thought that it would provide students with something entertaining to do. To start the scavenger hunt click here and look on the left, or scroll down and on the left, you will see a snake game. The instructions are provided!

So far, the participating blog pages/posts are listed below in no order:

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Writing Contests

Guidelines: Writing contest entries are due May. 13 (Entries must be school appropriate!) Please email all entries to me at

Writing contest prompts

Poetry: Write a poem of any style on hope. No word limit

Short story: Write a short mystery. 800 – 7500 words

Future writing : You live in the year 2030 your job is to write a page for a history book on what covid 19 pandemic of 2020 was. Somethings you might include: is the virus still around to day? How did the pandemic end? Did flatten the curve? One page


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